SURFCAMP Surfcamps


Conditions of Participation You state, that medically there are no objections to your carrying out Surfing. Everyone may participate under following requirements: Able to swim, sportive and no problems with ears.

Cancellation : 60 days ahead 10%
Cancellation : 45 days ahead 20%
Cancellation : 30 days ahead 40%
Cancellation : 20 days ahead 70%
Cancellation : 12 days ahead 100%
No Cancellation – Not Turning Up – No Money Back.

Insurance :

Every participant is wholly responsible for his/her insurance (health – accident – travel etc.) Alterations to planned Doings I may happen, that due to, for example, bad weather etc. , that we change our programm.In which case we are not to be held responsible. Journey to – and from – at your own responsibillity and cost. Check also your requirement regarding visa, customs, money, health etc. All the baggage you are alone responsible for.If you misbehave or don’t do as the campleader suggest, you may be chucked out.(No refund of costs incurred until then.) You may also be asked to pay for the damage etc.

You do to apparatus and gear. Responsibilites We are responbile for the camp and it’s programm. You are responsible for everything not connected with this.(Car journeys, damge to persons and things, journey to – and from etc.)


Looking for a great surfing holiday in a beautiful location that's both off the beaten path and only a few km from a thriving European capital? Our surf camp in Ericeira, Portugal provides top-notch, comfortable accommodation, a beautiful atmosphere and surfing lessons from certified instructors. Chill out at night and catch killer waves all day at Europe's top surf spot!