19.05.2009 Ericeira Daily Blog - Fun at Cascais

Yesterday afternoon we drove south towards Lisbon to ind some waves in this strong northerly swell. The swell and wind both from the north west meant that the waves at Carcavelos were small but fun. The beginners really enjoyed themselves, 2ft offshore waves on the low tide in the afternoon. Some were dumping a little bit, but it was the perfect chance to try your first green wave take off. Some of the guys did just that but also got dumped on a few too, quiet funny conditions to watch.

Today the swell had dropped off, but the wind was still with us. There were a few kite surfers out today, perfect conditions for them. The sand banks at Foz do Lizandro have changed a bit in the last few days, i think for the better. There is a shallow right and left peak at low tide, and there was no body out. I enjoyed myself for 2 hours, while everyone else was having their Yoga lesson with Ines, our Yoga instructor. With the direction of the swell there are some fun right wedges.
Coxos and Riberia also had some waves, a bit windy and crowded for the quality, much better to surf on your own.

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