2 Great Days at Foz do Lizandro - Daily Surf Report

On Wednesday evening the swell picked up very quickly from the south. The strong south winds and a small storm brought a little bit of rain over night and some really fun waves. The 2m of swell that we had yesterday was nicely groomed by a light offshore wind in the morning yesterday, but it was still a little bit messy. There were still some really fun barrels in the corner at Foz do Lizandro and Sao Juliao also had a great little bank. Further down the beach the intermediate surfers really enjoyed the slower left and right peak.
This morning the swell had cleaned up, around 6 in the morning it looked so glassy and there were some really good rides. The surf lesson before lunch was perfectly timed, the tide being the lowest of the month today meant that at the dead low tide it was too shallow across the bank. Just after the low tide the white water was perfect for learning to surf, small waves running for over 30m.
As the tide started to push in the waves in the corner and on the other banks were perfect, fun and steep.
Tomorrow looks like its going to be windy, so lets go out tonight, check out some of the night life in Ericeira.


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