2 new tiny winy little pets we found homeless and welcomed into the camp and a day of solid waves at our secret spot

Sic waves and new pets.

Amazing day we turned up at ……………. to our amazement it was fcxking pumping solid 8 to 10footers coming in long clean rights , but when you look from above it looked 3ft until we reached the bottom with our small boards and paddled out we realized how big it was. Just 3 of us and one aussie chick from Yamba managed to get out and enjoy these sic amazing waves. After seeing caleb fall flat on his face we on the first one as his skinny legs couldnt hold the solid drop , we all got worried as he is one of the best groms around these dayzzz. But we pushed on and had sic waves all day. All we could say was fxzking sic check the pic

Also check out the our 2 new cats we found at the empty beach , only a few weeks old if that we grew attached to them and thought they would make great security guards for the camp.

Its always nice to try and help with pets in the wild take them home and give them a loving warm happy life. So get booked in after September for our villas as there booked up till then and we have a few dorm spots in july and august , come meet the cats and surf some sic waves without crowds.

Keep surfing and enjoying what it offers us FREEDOM

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