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30.04.2009 Foz do Lizandro blog

The surf here at Foz do Lizandro was small and a bit windy, but some really perfect conditions for those people who are past the beginner stage, and looking to catch their first green waves. The sets were about shoulder high, and very peaky. Although the wind was onshore, there were definitely some fun waves for everyone a little but frustrating on a short board but great fun on a longboard or mini mal.

Two of our new guests, one having never surfed, had a perfect day surfing, standing up on his first day on his first wave. While the rain in the morning did not dampen the new comers spirits, and they were rewarded later in the day with some beautiful sunshine after lunch.

The next days look like the weather is getting warmer, and the swell a little bigger. The forecast is also for some really nice offshore mornings coming Ericeira`s way.

All the best

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