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A Day of Surf school in bali

Small waves , hot weather and good vibes. The beginners partied the night before so they decided to surf late in Balangan , tides were high in the middle of the day so no worries all good to surf late.

The french boys didnt make it out this morning due to a huge hangover and no luck with the girls last night , slight depression. heheheh But they surfed the late in secrets again and said it was insane just 3 of them and loads of clean waves.
Uluwatu crowded as usual but no worries we have loads of options for sic waves. Nyang Nyang , temples , greenballs , nusa dua all had fun offshore waves today with no crowds. Niko was empty untill we turned up , and the swell looks great for these spots over the next days.

So check us out surfcamp bali , or surfing in bali.

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