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Daily Blog – 13.05.2009 Today was really a very nice day for those surfers that are confident enough to get pass the white water, but are looking for just small green. After the last few days were its been a little git too big at Foz do Lizandro and toerh spots around Ericeira, today was a exactly what some people needed. Before the low tide was great, around shoulder high, very little current and easy enough to get into the lineup. The girls really loved it. This morning was offshore, and fairly clean, a lot smaller than yesterday, still some good right at low tide. Sao Juliao has a good right hand sand bank near the cliffs, but was a little crowded. This afternoon the windy really got into it and messed up the swell, the waves for the late surf were very bumpy. Tomorrow looks like its going to be really windy, best to hit it first thing in the morning. We will be getting up late and saving the banana pancakes till after the first surf.

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