A wonderful Client now good friend leaves the camp to go home. :(

Hey Josh,

Thank you guys again for an amazing time and a lovely message which brought
a smile to my face on this cold and rainy morning in London!

You all made me feel so welcome that it was like visiting good old friends!
Let’s keep in touch! If you or your friends travel through London or if I
can be of any assistance, please let me know. Maybe we could also find a
way of working together…?

In any case, it was a real pleasure to meet you and Maggie, you guys are
fab, run a great camp and have great people working with you! I look
forward to coming back!

Can’t wait to get back in the water… I booked a flight to Cornwall this
morning for a weekend in a few weeks.. I know it’s not enough but will have
to do for now…

Anyway, must sign off, being squashed on the packed rush hour tube train,
everyone hating my tan and the smile on my face…. 😉

Missing you all!
Lots of love to everyone.

Speak soon,

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