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Amazing waves…

Beautiful beaches and great waves help make Portugal a top destination for travelers and surfers alike. Those who don’t actually surf the massive waves can still appreciate their raw beauty and power. The sound of the surf and the spectacle of magnificent waves in Portugal are phenomena to behold. A great place to witness these waves are the various beaches or cliff top view points along the coast north from Cascais and Guincho, all the way up (about 30-40km) to Ericeira and beyond.

Television presenter and all-around adventurer Ben Fogle, who honeymooned with his wife on the Costa do Sol five years ago, writes about Portugal’s allure in a piece for the Telegraph:

Just five miles from the hotel is Guincho, a windy beach and a big draw for surfers of all kinds, where you’ll struggle to find an ounce of fat between the hundreds of Portuguese for whom the beach is a playground. Huge waves crash on to the pristine sand while children of all ages paddle gleefully in the shallows, squealing as the cold Atlantic water races up the beach.

–Ben Fogle

Guincho is famous – even in Portugal – for its big waves and fantastic views of soaring and rugged cliffs.

photo by Gustavo Veríssimo (Gustty on Flickr CC)

If you’re into big spectacular waves and want to see some amazing footage of surfers riding them, check out this incredible video of a break off the coast of Tahiti in French Polynesia called Teahupo. These uncommonly thick and fast waves create an unusual ‘vortex’ effect, which makes them dip below the surface of the ocean. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Click on this link to see the astounding waves of Teahupo, Tahiti.


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