Amazing Weather and Excellent Lefts at Foz do Lizandro - Daily Blog

Today was really a strange day at Foz do Lizandro. Yesterday was so busy on the beach and in the water, there were people everywhere, partly because it was sunday but also because it was so hot. The last few days have been the best this year, high 20`, sunshine, good swell and offshore winds. This combination if conditions has meant the beach has been packed, but today with the sea mist that hung around from early in the morning, and the lower temps due to the cloud there were few people. This was great for us, it meant a surf in the morning with no crowd. Great for beginners, gentle green waves were on offer if you could battle against the rip that was running north.
The banks are much different from the last days too, the great right that was there yesterday, is slightly different then left on the other side of the peak is even faster, and there was an excellent left in the corner. For about 1 hour across the low tide the sand in the corner and the rip that was running made some really quick barreling lefthanders. So much fun.
Tomorrow the lowtide is at dawn, see you out there.


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