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An abortion of a trip to canggu

Today we decided to take the camp to canggu, approximately an hour and a half away from our camp. This is where the majority of the other camps surf on a daily basis, and a few of the guests were curious as to what life outside of the bukit was like. The front runners of the projected swell of the year were filling in, so it seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, the wind was bad and as our guests quickly found out, canggu is a far cry from the beauty that is our home beach of padang padang. It was a good experience but our crew was more than thrilled to leave and get back to the bukit where things just seem to be cleaner, more mellow, and better in terms of both surf conditions and the vibe in general. The biggest swell of 09 so far is supposed to start hitting tomorrow and grow until thursday. The reefs are starting to line up. The season is still young here at rapture bali, and the trade winds have already turned offshore, so get your act together and buy a flight. Its just plain better here surfing in Bali with Rapture.

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