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An Unusual South Swell - Ericeira Daily Blog

Today was a bit of a strange day here in Ericeira. With so much rain last night and this morning, the river that flows out at Foz do Lizandro was going at full speed today. All this water coming out of the river combined with the southerly wind from last night that turned the north swell around to the south, went that there was a really strong current running left to right down the beach. A deep gutter along the shore line, made the paddle out a little difficult for some, but once you were past the lineup, the ocean was rather still.
It was nice to surf the beach with the swell in the opposite direction to normal, usually all the swells we get have at least some north in them. There we some really nice head high waves coming through. Excellent lefts pushing down the beach and a wedgy right hander too.
The beginners had great day too, some of the first timers really enjoyed the conditions this morning despite the strong rip.

Tomorrow looks good.


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