Another Happy Client - Daily Blog, Ericiera, 21.05.2009

Today the beach was a bit of a mess after last nights festivities. The party was going all night last night on the beach at Foz do Lizandro, and this morning people were still going, until well after breakfast. With everyone camping on the beach there was a bit of a rubbish around but it was quickly cleaned up.
The surf was fun today on the beach break in front of our house, it was best at low tide. High tide saw it fill up a lot, perfect for a long board and the first time green wave surfers.

This afternoon i had a nice email arrive in my inbox, one of our customers who left earlier in the week wrote to say thank you and that he missed Portugal and his time here, now in Italy he cant wait to have time off again. I thought id pass that email on,

Hey Chris!

how are you?

I had a blast with you guys!
I really miss “surfing”, and the company of good surfing friends… I really miss the ocean, the waves, the beach… I really miss the laid back, relaxed atmosphere… I really miss watching movies at night laying on the couch… I really miss your delicious food… and much more… long story short: I like spending time with my family, but I would go back to Portugal if I could!!!

I’ve already found you on facebook… just add me as a friend…

Say hello to everybody!


All the best

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