Are you thinking to book your holidays? Well look no further SURF in Bali and stay with us.

We all decided to do some surf safariing today so we headed up north to a little sly secret spot , as the last days in Padang padang have been really crowded and i think it could be my blogg or the dirty beaches of kuta have scared alot of people out of there.

The surf was offshore all day as surf usually is in bali , but great surfing for all as the tides were perfect for all day surfing. The swell was around the 1mtre mark and the sun was out all day.

Great surfing in bali and all beginners took time out to surf them selves till they couldnt surf nomore. Happy , sunburnt to a crisp and tired as hell , but all satisfied.

Take it easy and check us out if your keen for some great deals on waves.

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