Backdoor, Ericeira, for the Dawn Session - Daily Blog

After the crowded waves yesterday due to the bank holiday in Portugal we decided last night to get up super early and have a look at a few reefs. Everyone should be back at work today, not us, and we scored small, clean waves at Backdoor. It was a bit too shallow and small for Reef, but Backdoor was great fun, shoulder high sets, and sucky take off, and some great little walls and section to hit.
So nice to have a surf before breakfast and then come back to a hot coffee, scrambled eggs and some fresh fruit, relax in the sun and think about the next session to come.

There are a few guys out in the water already when we got back to Foz do Lizandro. Smaller than yesterday but still good. Perfect for the beginners and intermediate level surfers. Gentle spilling waves.

See you in the water

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