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Bali: Ideal place to learn to surf + Paris Hilton

The Brazilian edition of recently published a list of ’10 destinations with ideal waves’ for those wishing to learn how to surf. Among top surf spots for learning how to surf, they picked Bali. Though it’s known more for it’s professional-level, big wave surfing, Bali is also a great place for beginner surfers.

Here is my own translation of what the author has to say about learning to surf in Bali:

The island of Bali is a paradise for surfers in search of gigantic waves, but it also has options for beginners. Kuta beach is one of the best in Bali to start surfing, with its small waves, touristic area and many shopping opportunities. Surf schools and cabins that rent surfboards at a low cost are the best reason to catch your first waves in one of the best surf spots on the planet.

Here is a link to the original article in Portuguese.

Of course a rustic, yet luxurious, surf school like ours is a bit better situated for some real natural Balinese beauty and we also specialize in surfing lessons for beginners.

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photo by likeyesterday (Flickr CC)

Now, from the sublime to the ridiculous: In other Bali news, as you probably have not heard, California heiress and reality TV star (yeah, yeah and the other stuff) Paris Hilton has been flaunting herself on Bali’s beaches.

Why should you care? You shouldn’t. But if you do and you want to see pictures of Paris Hilton go here. You shameless, undignified reader.


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