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Bali surf and travel in the news

photo by Thrillseekr (Flickr CC)

Here are a few snippets of what the travel press is saying about the surf and tourism Mecca of Bali.

The eco-conscious Mother Nature Network has chosen Bali as its destination of the week for eco tourism.

Known as the “Island of the Gods,” Bali draws everyone from surfers and beach aficionados to young backpackers with only a few dollars in their pocket to ultra-wealthy resort-goers. Most people focus on the beach, the water and the handful of headlining tourist-oriented nature and culture sites. However, the island is filled with eco-tourism opportunities because of its natural interior and its diverse set of landscapes, which include mountains, terraced rice fields, forests, savannas and a coastline that fluctuates between rugged and pristine.

Read more of this comprehensive rundown of Bali’s eco attractions here.

On the more specifically surfing-related front, a group of surf photographers from Australia (Aquabumps, founded by Eugene Tan) has made quite a splash in Australasia with its mix of surf and beach photography.

From startupsmart:

In 2009, Tan opened his third gallery in Bondi, after founding his first gallery there in 2004 and his second one in Bali. He’s also working on his second coffee table book.

Finally, a Brazilian article, from the media outlet Terra, puts two of the 15 most beautiful swimming pools in the world in Bali. #10 is at the Alila Ubud hotel in the valley of the Ayung River. The #1 most beautiful swimming pool is in Uluwatu – famous for its surfing and cliff top temple. There the hotel of Alila Uluwatu features an infinity pool with a stunning ocean view. Sounds pretty nice, huh?


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