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Not such a big swell as predicted again , kind of dropped off and hit at around 6ft Padang Padang , uluwatu was solid 8 to 10ft but bumpy and messy.

We surfed Jimbaran 2 days for the beginners as dreamland and Padang were to big for them. Jimbaran was 2 ft on sets and didnt seem to crowded which was unusual i guess alot of people watched the contest that Jamie O’brien won with his awesome long tight barrels.

The intermediates surfed Bingin it was 1.5 mtres on the sets and our local boy kept the crowds down yet again which is great for our surfers in the camp gets us alot more waves. hehehehhe sorry but this is the future and crowds are coming so Teko and chuck have to help all clients enjoy there stay whilst here in bali meaning helping them get loads of waves in a mellow manner.

Thanks to my workers teko and chuck for helping out where its needed.

The surf in Bali seems to be dropping slowly but not alot we will have waves all week.

keep surfing

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