Bali surf camp daily surf accommodation info 8th of April 2009

Today is a sad day in our bali surf camp.
We are losing our beloved austrian, klaus, to a long flight home and hellish obligations known as work and university.
Affectionately known as Igor, It was a vicious game of whose on first when we first gave him the nickname and he kept asking who exactly Igor was for approximately a day and a half.
Known for his voracious appetite and alcoholic-esque lust for surfing, he’s become a crowd favorite amongst guests of the camp and balinese alike.
We’ve seen him improve leaps and bounds with his surfing, everything from late drops to paddling endurance.-this guy can literally surf for 8 hours a day here in bali and eats anywhere from 7-9 times a day. We’ve also covered a lot of ground with casual english conversation. He now understands that the phrase ‘what are you going to do?’ accompanied by a shrug does not literally mean ‘what should we do next klaus?’. It means grab a cold beer and relax little guy.
R.I.P Klaus. come back to our surf camp here in bali soon, please.

Klaus, eating pancakes for dessert because he literally ate everything else in the camp tonight for dinner right before his flight.

Lovely guy , thanks for coming into our lives little buddy , see you in September mate.

Pic of Klaus will appear tomorrow

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