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Bali surf camp daily surf report!

Well stoked , sic waves for us as the swell was up and we hit a little unknown secret protected spot near …….. sorry cant reveal my secrets only if your here to see them for yourselves. hhehehehe It was solid 1 mtre wedgeing swell fun as 110% stoked. Today we surfed our local Padang Padang as the swell had dropped off alot to 2ft strong offshore a little crowded but we soon cleared the lineup. A fun few days.

The surf in bali seems to be on the rise to 4mtres on the weekend , so could be a great few dayz for big waves here on the bukit. ill be out there to shoot the big pits in padang Padang. I hope its massive ….:) the camp has been rammed with fun loving outgoing people.

Real fun times and great waves.

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