Bali Surf Camp, surf School surf report for the 18th of april 2009

Up and early this morning , hitting the clean glass swell in Padang Padang for the early 1mtre waves rolled in constantly all morning nice to hit it early with not a soul out there and then off to a late arvo sunset surf in Balangan. We headed out to surf at 3 in the arvo and about an hour into it Rizal Tanjung the number one surfer here in Bali paddled out to surf with us , we all made him wait his turn to get waves and then we watched him tear it up.

Surfing in Bali

Great clean waves hitting the coastline of bali. Tomorrow looks like it will drop slightly , so we’ll hit it early again get the best of it and surf ourselves nuts , well thats what we are here for to enjoy the waves and whats the best way to do it by getting on it early without the crowds and winds.

So get your booking done soon and get over here for some nice waves and warm weather.

bali surfing

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