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Bali Surf Report 24th March 2009 Surfing in Bali

Well the predictions were way off , the swell was suppose to be around 2.5mtres on the 23rd and 2 mtres on the 24th , but yesterday was about 1.6mtres and today was about 1.2mtres so small and dissapointing. We surfed niko early in the morning and then ventured back to Padang Padang for the late session.

Niko on the nusa dua side wasnt so good , a little messy but no one out and not to many other options for the beginner group. The intermediates and Pro level surfers did a surf trip to Dessert point in lombok for 3 days and they scored epic waves solid 8 to 10 ft ( 3-3.5mtres) offshore clean swell. They were super stoked. I will upload some shots of desserts when they come back.

Bingin had some nice waves solid 4ft and not to bad but theres seems to be a large group of frenchies living there for the week (25 in total) and they seem to be all over the break not allowing anyone else to get waves. Uluwatu was a decent size as it sticks out in the ocean and gets all the swell.

Tomorrow and the week looks small.


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