Bali surfcamp daily surf accommodation info 9th of April 2009

Today at our bali surfcamp we had another good morning session at secrets.
it was head high on the sets and glassy.
how is work going?
Its better here in bali
we just had some tuna steaks for lunch and we’re headed off to uluwatu for an evening session.

we’ve got a few different countries in attendance this week and its turned into a United Nations standoff in the water. One french, an american, a canadian and a brit all jockeying for wave totals.
I keep reminding them that they were all part of the allied forces in WWII but the surf is just too good and there are no allies when the surf is this perfect.
By evening though its all bintangs and laughs, big family dinners and our masseuse is keeping everyone nice and limber.
Get a flight to our surf camp here in bali, its all tranquilo on the bukit.

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