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Rapture Surfcamp Bali

I love the spots and it really helped me go through all the experiences in detail. For those willing to spend holidays with their families I'd also recommend the small island of Nusa Lembongan. More quiet and relaxed than its bigger sister Bali it's a perfect hang out for families. The Monkey Surfing School caters to small ones and grown ups.

Rapture Surfcamp Bali

Simply the best

First time trip to Bali the very friendly staff always accomodate everyone's needs
We got great waves in a different location everyday
Every need was satisfied with great in house meals and a masseuse on site as well
Will definitely be booking again and will be bringing my wife and kids next time
Had the trip of a life time
Thanks team

Rapture Surfcamp Bali

Great place to visit hard place to leave

We heard about Raptures from a friend who had been a couple of years earlier and as my wife has FOMO( Fear Of Missing Out) we booked a trip. Having both never surfed before we were a little hesitant but we needn't have been, the staff were really good at that stage they all had beards so it made it really easy to ask for help or a question... Look for the guy with a beard and boom your questions were answered, the owner and his wife are bloody amazing as well even though he is an Aussie... We often talk about heading back and will most like drag some friends along as well, but we found everybody almost immediately bonded as your all there for the same thing, surfing. We visited some beautiful surf beaches and some almost secret spots pretty much exclusively surfed just by Raptures, we always felt safe and when we did leave our gear to go surf there were locals who kept an eye on it. All in all I would really encourage you if you haven't surfed and want to give it a go just book it.

Rapture Surfcamp Bali

Where i would rather be

This was my second trip to Rapture camp and it only confirmed what i learnt from my first. This is the place i want to be. Even though my last visit was over 8 months ago, it felt like i had picked up where i left off. The relaxed atmosphere, beautiful gardens, friendly people and great food were just the way i remembered it.

Being a keen surfer, there were plenty of surf breaks to choose from. The world famous Uluwata to the secret spots that won't be named, regardless of what the weather, the surf guides always found me a wave to ride.

My only regret about staying at rapture is that i had to leave. On the plus side i left after making a bunch of new friends, having reunited with some old ones and the happy memories of the time i spent there. I'm already planning my next trip to Rapture and look forward to the day i can return.

Rapture Surfcamp Bali

Trying on Bali waves

In short: had a great time during the 2x1 weeks I spent there. The 'camp' is very beautifull ( just check the pics, it's even beter in real life.) and a superb place to chill. The food is excellent, and I had a mixed feeling when the surf was on in a relatively remote spot early morning. I love very early surfing sessions, but I hate missing out on the yummy breakfast because of it.
There are loads of surfbreaks nearby, so there is allways one rolling that is made for you. Finding it when the tide is good is quite an art and a bit of trial and error at times. But allmost every day you'll have ample opportunities to hone your skills on waves that are your size. Or half your size, or double, whatever you prefer :p .
The surfguides are fun dudes and great to hang out with. They're out there in the water with you, scouting for the right wave and the right timing and position for you to get on it. (all of these I still suck at)
Some points for improvement :
~ The lessons should be fleshenend out some more. No clear difference between guidance and lessons atm.
~ The afternoons and evenings are empty. While it's excellent relaxing at the camp, you might feel the need to get out there, but the location kinda requires you to rent a scooter to get anywhere, and even then it's unclear if there is anything worthwhile and where it could be located. Opportunities to work with for the management I think!
By: Tom 'malu bertanja?' Jansen

Rapture Surfcamp Bali

Best Surf Camp in the World

Hi Josh & Maggie,

Just wanted to say thanks again for another great stay at the camp in Bali. I have been visiting Bali for the last ten years and am so happy to have found Rapture. Every time I go back to you guys the accommodation, food and facilities just get better and better.

For me though, the main reason I go back to your camp is because of the people. You, Maggie, Kadek, Made and Sunnie are always so welcoming and helpful. There is always such a good vibe in the camp with lots of interesting people from all over the world traveling through.

Wish I was just back from surfing Ulu's, lying in a hammock looking at the garden sipping a Bintang.

See you soon

Rapture Surfcamp Bali


Decided on a trip to Bali for this winter 17th November to 2nd December and couldn’t have had better weather. I chose rapture camps off the back of reviews and the location and as I hadn’t been to Bali before I didn’t know any of the places to surf which was the main purpose of my trip. Rapture offers surf guiding for the intermediate surfer which was second to none, we explored/surfed some fantastic places I hadn’t even heard of or seen on any maps really was an experience. the whole team at rapture are really friendly and helpful you feel like part of the family when you are there. I also experienced the beginner surf guiding and lessons as sometimes we surfed the same locations and I really rated the service and quality of what I saw. For the whole 2 weeks I was there people came and went and no one failed to ride a wave and to me that is testament to this place and the experience which is so chilled I wish I had been there longer. Many thanks to Josh, Maggie and the team

Rapture Surfcamp Bali

Bintang Time ALL The Time!!

VW Kombi Vans... enough said.

We had the best week at Rapture Surf Camp. A week was not even near enough time to spend there - could have stayed forever!! Everything\'s well organised and easy going. The staff are lovely and a good laugh. We had never really surfed before and now we are pretty much Kelly Slater standard... well we look the part anyway! It was easy to explore Bali from Rapture as whenever you wanted to go anywhere a driver was organised and dirt cheap. Bean bag Bintang time after a day in the surf was the best! So many great places to chill around the camp and perfect to meet a heap of interesting people!! Everyone we met were awesome. Seriously did not want to leave!! I could ramble on forever about how great a time we had but just check it for yourself!!

Thanks Josh & Maggie!!
Also, a big thank you to all the surf instructors!!


Rapture Surfcamp Bali


Only been for one week, but wish it could have been many more,
Fantastic place to stay, learn to surf, enjoy the beautiful more quiet part of Bali and relax.
The atmosphere is great, very friendly and helpful staff and the bungalows and dorms are stunning.
Writing this i’m getting homesick to the place….I might book right now for my next holiday.
Would recommend it to anyone!!

Cheers, had a wicked time!

Rapture Surfcamp Bali


I really liked my stay at the rapture camp Bali. The atmosphere was great and I will return soon for sure.

Rapture Surfcamp Bali 4.9 5.0 57 57 I love the spots and it really helped me go through all the experiences in detail. For those willing to spend holidays with their families I'd also recommend the small island of Nu