Balis best surf camp and surf info for the 15th of april 2009

Today was a somewhat sad and somewhat relieving day here at rapture surf camps in bali. It was our first morning surf without our cowboy oilman Texan, alex.This meant two things: there would be noone greatly exaggerating the size of the surf, heheheh and that the local rub and tug economy would soon take a nosedive.
Alex left our garden camp at least once a day to go to kuta (Buger)Bugar for a massage and then some.
They don’t serve burgers there. Hahahah

Just jokes mate , lovely to have you here for 2 weeks and i hope all goes well in the rodeo next week. Take care mate and keep surfing.

In other news, the surf in bali has held up and is consistent, warm and rippable. Uluwatu saw some crowds and some then waves , padang was blowout with 40 kuta tourists trying to surf all over the joint. Bingin saw some inconsistent swell with a set every 30mins. Nusa dua was great in the morning but the wind got into it around lunch time.

Uluwatu glassed off late and the kuta blowins left around 5 leaving it for the people who actually stay out here on the bukit to enjoy in peace and quiet. But all in all a great day and the sicccc weather and waves seem to be hanging around all week.
Did you book your flight yet? It’s better here.

Padang Padang surf camp. Keep surfing in Bali.

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