Bali's Surf Report for the 9th of March surfing in Bali

Well the last few days saw some smaller waves but still clean. Today was the biggest its been in about a week, i’d say Uluwatu was a solid 3 to 4ft swell , with padang Padang showing a little size aswell. The swell has changed direction and is hitting the Uluwatu coast line alot better. Alot of breaks on the Nusa dua coast we small , but we surfed outer Nusa dua and the current moved alot of people around so plenty of waves to be had by all. The swell seems to be growing all week so we should have a nice few bigger days soon . So check out the Surf camp in Bali Rapture is your best bet i think , we offer all surfers needs , ranging from PRO’S all the way down to Beginners offering lessons for all levels. Surf school in Bali , surf schools in Bali and surf camp bali. Keep the dream alive and surf with us at Rapture sometime soon.

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