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Beautiful Balangan

Today the camp awoke a little sore headed. The night out in Kuta was a hit and everyone had a ball, coming home just before the sun rose. As the camp was enjoying breakfast our mate from Australia Bretto wandered into the camp with a beer still in his hand and not much recollection of how he got home or whose pool he swam in early this morning. He then continued to preach to the breakfast table of his friend Kingys ‘form’ for leaving him in Kuta and not collection him from the airport when he arrived in Bali. We were all in stitches and was a great way to start the day. On the surfing side the swell is still small, today the beginners headed to Balangan where there were 1ft sets. We all took foam boards and managed to catch a few good ones and the early beginners were able to practise their pop ups better in small swell. As high tide hit the waves died off and we all soaked up the sun and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Balangan Beach. On days like today when the swell is small and water is clear the reef colours are amazing! A great day in Balangan! Out for dinner tonight to the yummy Kat’s Kitchen then home for some needed zzzzzzz’s!

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