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Beautiful Bali (Surf in Bali)

Pictures say a million words, ill mention a few my self but look at this pic amazing. The surf still seems to be slow rising to 2mtres , today Padang was 2ft maybe on the sets , Uluwatu seem to have some bigger sets but every 25mins it seems to be a real slow period not many waves coming through at all. Surfing in bali hasnt been up to its usual standards lets hope its changes back soon.

We may venture up to Medewi in the next few days for a surf safari trip as the swell will drop off to real small in about 3 days.

So check it out padang Padang surf camp Bali. Im sure we can find you some cool waves , warm water and the best vibes Bali can offer will be right here at Rapture surf camp Bali.

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