Big Swell hits the coast of Bali as predicted this time. Wonderful

We woke to the noise of the ocean this morning , over night the swell had risen alot about three times the size. This swell is way overdue , Bali has had a drought of big waves for months , its finally great to see Bali back to producing massive clean waves again.

The bali surf camp surfed a few spots today trying to make the most of giant waves. The Better surfers surfed Balangan as Impossibles was over crowded with about 45 guys on it. Balangan was cleaner , bigger and had only a handfull of surfers. Great to get out there with some of the guests and mix it up. Mat our french boogger was amazed as he had never seen such big waves , but he still went out and enjoyed it.
Our beginners decided to snorkel over at one of our many secret spots on the Nusa dua side , as Toro toro was filthy dirty with all the big swell sending all the rubbish there so we opted for the cleaner day. Beautiful weather and a great day to visit the beach where not a soul was in sight. RELAX.

Tomorrow looks like its the biggest day of the lot 3mtre swell , i hope Padang Padang left gets on as today wasnt at its best. So the surf in bali will be solid for the next week fingers crossed.

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