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Big Waves in Bali today april 22nd

Great to see surfing in bali back to its level of solid sic 8 to 10ft (3mtres) lines.

Today all of the beginners surfed waterbom fun park slip and slide. The surf was to big so they all decided it would be a great day for something other than surfing. They all returned happy and full of funny stories of new slides and great food.

The intermediates surfed Impossibles in the morning and then off to Balangan for the late. Great big solid barrels was the report oi got from Frank the frenchman stoked out of his mind.

I shot pics of the local pro’s in padang padang , Mega , Garut and Andrew griff from england. Ill post one shot from today of mega in a mega barrel. Tomorrow looks like its going to alot bigger so were off to shoot Niko.

Till tomorrow ill keep you all posted on balis premier surf camp report.

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