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Waves for Days

Are you still after that perfect surf break? If you have no idea where your next travel will be read about our top surf breaks for beginners, and pros. and get inspired before your next surf trip!

Surfers walking along the beach in Portugal

Booking a surf camp in Portugal? These are the things you need to know before you go

Portugal 24. May 2019

If you’re leaning towards booking a surf camp in Portugal then you’ve come to the right place. Before you…

Overhead image of Costa Rican coastline

Learn to surf in Costa Rica: 9 epic reasons why you should go right now

Costa Rica 24. May 2019

Learn to surf in Costa Rica and discover why so many beginners return year after year to this peaceful…

Surfboards at a surf camp in Costa Rica

Should I book a surf camp or a surf school?

Inspiration 17. May 2019

Thinking of going on your very first surfing adventure, but aren’t sure whether to book a surf camp or…

Beginner's surfboard on the beach

6 of the best tips for beginner surfers

Bali 16. May 2019

Read our 6 awesome tips for beginner surfers and learn how to shred the waves in no time at…

The waves in Nicaragua are always offshore?

Nicaragua 16. May 2019

It’s said that the waves in Nicaragua are always offshore, but is this just another saltwater fable or an…

Surfer at Uluwatu

Learning to surf in Bali? Here’s how to avoid the crowds and catch more waves

Bali 16. May 2019

If you want to learn to surf in Bali but aren’t too keen on crowded waves, check out our…

Man surfing a wave in Costa Rica

5 of the best beginner surf beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica 30. Apr 2019

Discover 5 of the best beginner surf beaches in Costa Rica and book a trip to this wave rich…

Surfcamp Nicaragua Maderas Beach

Surf in Nicaragua on the rainy Season

Inspiration 16. Apr 2019

Nicaragua is a fantastic if under the radar surfing destination for visitors, thanks to ideal winds and consistent deep…

Surf Instructor Costa Rica

Costa Rica Renewable Energy – Plastic and Carbon Free by 2021

Costa Rica 7. Jan 2019

When you think about the countries keen on energy efficiency and renewable energies, Costa Rica is one of the…