Surf Lessons Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place to learn how to surf and our camp is just 10min walk from Playa Avellanas – a sandy beach break ideal for beginners and for surfers looking to progress. For those searching for top quality surf lessons Costa Rica, look no further than Rapture Surfcamps. Also, we’re situated right behind Playa Avellanas – a mellow, gentle beach break on a never ending sandy beach and we are within easy reach of other famous spots ideal for more advanced surfers, such as Playa Negra and Playa Langosta.

Sunset on the Beach in Costa Rica
Sunset on the Beach in Costa Rica

Additionally, our surf camp in Costa Rica offers surf lessons in beautiful surroundings and in a friendly, safe, and comfortable learning environment. Moreover, lessons take place in the best location for your level that day depending on tides and weather conditions. Playa Avellanas has 5 different surf breaks and on the rare occasion our home break is not a good choice, we’ll take you to other beaches in the area that offer better conditions that day. Some beaches are great for beginners, others are more suitable for those looking to further improve their technique and every beach has its own charm.

Also, our qualified instructors at our surf school in Costa Rica are certified, knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic. They possess a deep understanding of local surf spots and conditions and can help you find the best breaks for your skill level. They will patiently work with you on mastering the technique, improving your style, or amping up your confidence, also while keeping you safe in the water and making sure you are having fun riding waves.

Surf Guide Costa Rica
Surf Guide Costa Rica

Surf lessons cover:

Positioning — Firtsly, where to place yourself on the board to paddle out.

Paddling — Secondly, paddling should look like a forward crawl swim stroke, except with arms out to the sides and hands cupped to push yourself through the water.

Stance — In order to find out if your stance is “goofy foot” (right foot forward) or a natural (left foot forward).

Catching a wave — Finally, turn your board around so that you’re facing the shore, paddle forward equal to the speed of the wave, timing your entry to catch it. Place your palms under your shoulders and push yourself up so that you’re standing with feet shoulder-length apart, slightly bent at the knees. Place your back foot across back end of the board and your front foot at 45 degrees. Hold your arms out at your sides for balance and steering.

Rapture Surfcamps Surf Lessons
Surf Lessons

Surf lessons sample schedule:

Lesson 1

  • Introduction to safety
  • Beach awareness
  • Surfing equipment
  • Paddling
  • Catching a wave
  • Standing up
  • Board control

Lesson 2

  • Stand up class
  • Catching a wave towards the shore
  • Stalling and accelerating
  • “Popping up”
  • Refining your stance

Lesson 3

  • Turning
  • Backhand and forehand techniques
  • Surf awareness
  • Developing your style

Lesson 4

  • Improving technique
  • Linking turns

Lesson 5

  • Linking top and bottom turns
  • Techniques for paddling out
  • Getting through white water
  • Going over “out of depth” waves
  • Coming out the back

Lesson 6

  • Riding green/unbroken waves
  • Angled takeoffs
  • Sitting on your board
  • Timing and selecting waves

Lesson 7

  • Back and forehand turns on the face of the wave
  • Using rip currents
  • Surfing with hardboards
  • Refining timing and wave selection
  • Positioning yourself in the lineup
Surf Lessons
Surf Lessons

Rapture Surfcamps Costa Rica is located in the middle of the jungle walking distance to Playa Avellanas. In addition, you can choose from beginner or intermediate private or group lessons. Whether you have never touched a surf board before or already have experience with waves, we are eager to help you progress and share our love for surfing with you!