Rideable waves are scarce. But what can you do to ensure your making the most of each session?

A surf workout plan is key to more consistent waves. Our surf workout guide is meticulously crafted to amp up your strength, endurance, and mental resilience on the waves. From beginner-friendly routines to advanced manoeuvres, find the tools to power your surf prowess and keep progressing, no matter where you stand — or paddle — in your surfing journey.

Sound good? Then let’s get you stoked on your new surf workout… 

Paddling Power: Upper Body Strength Workouts

Paddling is the heart and soul of surfing, and having a strong upper body is crucial for efficiency and speed. To paddle faster and pop up quickly, you need to focus on exercises that target your upper body muscles such as:

• Push-ups

• Chin-ups

• Dips 

• Flying superman exercises

These are fantastic for building the strength needed for paddling and wave-catching. Don’t forget about knee-assisted pushups if you’re just starting out!

Swimming is another excellent complementary exercise that enhances upper and lower back, arm, and core strength, including abdominal muscles, through a ‘pulling’ motion. It also trains both aerobic endurance and anaerobic threshold in an aquatic environment, making it a perfect addition to your surf workouts by targeting various muscle groups.

To prevent common shoulder injuries, such as rotator cuff strains, incorporate high-repetition band exercises and routines involving resistance bands. These exercises, like those in the Crossover Symmetry program, can help build shoulder strength and stability, ensuring you’re ready for those long surf sessions without the worry of injury. 

Yoga and Flexibility: The Surfer’s Secret Weapon

An image of surfers practicing yoga

Yoga is more than just a way to relax; it’s a powerful tool for surfers to improve their entire body, including: 

Regular practice reduces the incidence of back pain and helps maintain the natural curvature of the spine, which is essential for peak surfing performance.

At Rapture Surfcamps, we understand the importance of a balanced and holistic approach to surf fitness. That’s why we include:

Mobility Magic: Incorporating a Daily Mobility Routine

Maintaining agile movement capabilities is crucial for surfers, and this is where daily mobility routines come into play. Simple mobility drills can be done at home, making it easy to incorporate them into your daily routine. Some examples of mobility exercises for surfers include:

Regular stretching and yoga exercises are essential for improving range of motion, reducing injury risk, and enhancing performance in surf-specific maneuvers.

Consistent practice of these routines ensures you’re prepared for the physical demands of surfing. Whether it’s dynamic lunges or mobility drills, these exercises help conserve energy while engaging in the sport and keep your body nimble and ready for action.

Deep Stretch Dynamics: Yoga Poses for Surfers

Certain yoga poses are particularly beneficial for surfers. Here are a few examples:

These poses can help surfers improve their flexibility, strength, and focus, ultimately enhancing their performance in the water.

The Supine Spinal Twist Pose is another great addition to your routine, ensuring that your spine remains flexible and providing a detoxifying stretch to the internal organs after intense surf workouts. These poses can be done at home, enhancing your core strength and balance, both critical for your surfing performance.

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Indoor Surf Trainer: Landlocked Workout Solutions

For those times when you can’t access the waves, landlocked workout solutions are a must to maintain your surf fitness. Skateboarding on a longboard or carving skateboard is a fantastic land-based exercise that simulates surfing movements and improves leg and core strength. Engaging in cardio activities like running, cycling, or swimming can also help sustain your overall fitness level.

Indoor exercises such as yoga, squats, and lunges are excellent for enhancing core strength and stability, essential for surfing. These activities ensure that you’re always ready for your next surf session, even if the ocean isn’t within reach.

Home Gym Heroes: DIY Surf Fitness Equipment

Creating a home gym for surf workouts doesn’t require extensive investments. Repurposed household items can be creatively used to support your surf training. For instance, a small area in your garage can be designated as your workout space, equipped with:

These simple fitness equipment, including a balance board and an indoor surfing trainer, can help you improve your strength, balance, and flexibility for surfing.

Establishing a home workout space allows for a convenient and consistent fitness routine, which is vital for maintaining your surf fitness. By using DIY fitness equipment, you can perform a range of exercises at home, ensuring you’re always in top shape for catching waves.

Progression for All Levels: Beginner to Advanced Workouts

An image of a surfer stretching before a surf

Surf workout progressions are designed to match the evolving skill levels of surfers. Effective surf fitness training involves performing 6-12 repetitions per set and completing 3-5 sets for each exercise, with a recommended rest period of 60-90 seconds between sets.

Understanding that professional surfers spend over 50% of their time paddling and less than 10% riding waves is critical for designing workout routines that improve endurance and paddling strength. This section will provide practical steps to facilitate progression in your surf workouts, ensuring you’re always ready for the next challenge.

From Novice to Navigator: Starting Your Surf Fitness Journey

For beginner surfers, initial fitness routines should focus on establishing foundational strength. Basic exercises such as squats, lunges, and planks are excellent starting points. These exercises help build the necessary strength and stability for more advanced surf training.

As you progress, you can introduce single foot planks to further engage your core muscles and add an element of instability, preparing you for the unpredictable nature of the waves.

Wave Warrior Workouts: Intermediate Challenges

Intermediate surf workouts should include exercises that enhance balance and power. Dynamic lunges are integral for improving balance through the hips and legs, essential for transitioning from lying to standing on the surfboard. Ring pushups build upper body stability and power, crucial for wave riding performance.

Incorporating twisting burpees into your routine adds a balance challenge that simulates the explosive movement of springing to your feet on a surfboard, further enhancing your surfing skills.

Elite Surfer Stamina: Advanced Surf Training Techniques

Advanced surf training techniques should focus on building elite surfer stamina through high-intensity interval training and dynamic movement training. Sprinting boosts the cardiovascular system and prepares you for short, explosive bursts of energy required in surfing.

Planking exercises are highly beneficial for strengthening the core, necessary for endurance and technique in surfing. Dynamic lunges and other high-intensity interval training activities enhance explosive power, improving performance in challenging waves.

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