Boat Trip for the early then a Late arvo session in Uluwatu. Bali surfcamp

Up early as , before the Chickens for a sly boat trip out to Airport rights. I thought we could have a decent size swell with hardly any crowds but i thought wrong. The swell had dropped to about 1mtre (3ft) and the wind was on it early and yes it was crowded and to full, but we stuck with it dealt with the 40 japs and slowly took over for about 10mins till more locals hit it. Lovely wave once you got one , the crowd thinned out once the tide dropped and became slightly narly on the inside , but all of us had some great rides , clean on and off , but as the tide dropped so did the swell and consistency.

Tomorrow we’ll hit it up early again and try to avoid the crowds , hoping that being a friday night alot of people will party and leave the surfing to us.
The swell looks nice with 2.6mtres at 14 sec so should be good and the wind doesnt seem to be that strong either.

Check us out , bali surfing camp

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