Bumpy Windy and slighty choppy today on the Bukit Side. 27th May 2009

Well not as good as yesterday , but still loads of swell around. Uluwatu , Padang Padang , Impossibles ,Bingin , Even dreamland were all bumpy today. Balagan was slightly cleaner. We surfed Ulu’s for the morning session and then off to Dreamland for the late , with a little midday snooooooozzzzeeeee…..

The crowds seem to be down , some of the crew went to canggu and said it was slow and not alot of people around accept a few rippers Taj Burrows and Dusty Payne.

The Rapture bali surf camp has been full these last weeks with some great fun people from all over the globe. Great dayzzz ahead. So if your keen to catch a nice wave here in Bali and dont mind surfing with us then check us out under Padang Padang surf camp or surfing in bali or even bali surf.

Till tomorrow hope to see you in the lineup

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