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Best Holiday Gift for Surfers – Tropical Vacation in Exotic Destination – made easy by Rapture Surfcamps! Receive 30% off your booking in Bali and Nicaragua – Christmas came early this year and will stay till after New Years so you have time to plan your vacation and find affordable flights! *Discount will be applied … Read More

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Dear Friends, At Rapture Surfcamps we understand that operating surf camps in exotic destinations sometimes presents us with unforeseen natural and political challenges. It is our first and foremost goal to keep our guests perfectly safe and satisfied. When the situation calls for our immediate attention, our international team meets daily to have a full … Read More

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The practice of yoga and the art of surfing go perfectly together. The strength, balance, control and flexibility you develop in each enhance your performance in the other. Besides these mutual physical benefits, surfing and yoga both have ancient history with spiritual connections that still survive to this day. For these reasons and others, many … Read More

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