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Read our 6 awesome tips for beginner surfers and learn how to shred the waves in no time at all. There are plenty of blog posts claiming that they’ve got the best tips for beginner surfers. The truth is though that when it comes to offering advice on learning to surf, there’s no one better … Read More

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It’s said that the waves in Nicaragua are always offshore, but is this just another saltwater fable or an established fact? We uncover the truth about the surf conditions in The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes surf conditions and explain why it’s still one of the best learn to surf destinations in the world. If … Read More

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Nicaragua is a fantastic if under the radar surfing destination for visitors, thanks to ideal winds and consistent deep water. The country experiences two distinct seasons: the rainy or green season, and the dry season. The green season lasts from May through November and the dry season runs from December to April. Nicaragua’s rainy season … Read More

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Costa Rica and Nicaragua are tropical countries located slightly north of the Equator. Depending on whether you are visiting Central America in the dry or wet season you would need to prepare somewhat differently. As- James Kaiser, a travel photographer and guide books writer, puts it: “Located at 10 degrees latitude, the sun shines brighter and the rain … Read More

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Dear Friends, At Rapture Surfcamps we understand that operating surf camps in exotic destinations sometimes presents us with unforeseen natural and political challenges. It is our first and foremost goal to keep our guests perfectly safe and satisfied. When the situation calls for our immediate attention, our international team meets daily to have a full … Read More

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You are a world citizen, a globetrotter and thrill seeker, as well as a sales expert? You wanna be part of a unique and growing company? In that case, we are looking forward to getting to know you. Please send all applications using our contact form. Looking forward to receive a ton of requests…

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