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Clean Green lines all day

Today was a great day for waves , the water was crystal clear and the waves were solid 3ft all day. Uluwatu was surfed late in the evening and Padang padang rights throughout the day , after an early at airports.

Fullon day of surfing in bali.

The camp is at full capacity with a big mix of cultures , dutch , germans , americans , canadians , austrians , english , australians , portuguese and a frenchman. Great mix full of great stories of surf from around the world.
Matt will be leaving us tomorrow which is a shame as he grew on everyone , great kid who mixed well with everyone , really fun to have around the camp.

The surf in bali tomorrow looks like it will stay around 1.8mtres with some side shore winds and a fair bit of rain, but im sure there will be great offshore winds somewhere on the island.

Take care and get to our bali surf camp soon.

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