Clear Sky , offshore winds and small waves in Bali today 25 th Feb 2009

Today we surfed over the Nusa Dua side as the swell here in Bali is pretty small. Uluwatu 2ft Nyang Nyang 3ft , Bingin , Impossibles ,Padang Padang ,Dreamland all flat. Good day over that side for snorkeling. It hasnt rained here for about 4 days so the water has cleared and seems to be very clean.

Greenball ,Niko, Timbies ,serangan all around the 2 to 3 ft range. Outter Nusa dua was the best pic of the day with 4ft swell with a good period. This week looks small up until Sunday where the waves should rise to around 2mtres.

Until tomorrow keep surfing

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