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Cool Vibes

Up at 5am to get on the waves before the crowd hit. The Advanced group surfed Uluwatu till 10 , breaky then off to Nusa Dua for the low tide and no crowd factor. Uluwatu had 70 guys on it at 7 in the morning , ridiculas we surfed it anyway and seem to get alot of waves so the crowd didnt really affect us. After breaky we headed to ,nusa dua paddled out and found ti was solid 3 mtres on sets the boys weren’t prepared when paddling out and coped a solid 20 set of waves on the head washed all the way down the line they then endured the heavy long 600mtre paddle back up stream against the current but after that they scored some epic long rides with 5 guys out for atleast a 4 hr session. So tired after all that paddling we then had the paddle back …..arrrgggghhhhh , the thought of MACCAS for a late lunch kept us going. 3 cokes , big mac and a cheese burger meal was what i ate .mmmmmm.

We headed back to the camp at 4 and then surfed Bingin for the late. Nice clean and about 3ft on sets.

The beginners surfed Padang at 530 am , then to dreamland for the low tide and then back to padang for the late session , good long waves with not so much crowds.

The surf in bali is dropping off tomorrow and seems so the rest of the week…..So after three days we will have 3 dorm spots available for the next week , so get your spot booked in at rapture camps Bali for some fun times , cool vibes and epic waves.

All welcome

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