Daily Ericeira Blog, 28th May - Another Beautiful Morning

At 6:30 this morning we checked the waves out the front of the house. Its so nice to get up fresh and early after a good meal and a great nights sleep, many of the others went out to a bar in Ericeira to watch the Champions League Final, well done Barcelona FC.
Its a shame that those guys missed it, this morning was the perfect morning to wake up to, offshore winds cleaning up the 3m of NW swell we had yesterday. While yesterday the swell grew in size with the strong northerly winds, today it is set to drop and it has already since last night.
The swell direction looks like its a little bit north for Pedra Branca, better to wait for the low tide and check out Reef or Backdoor, or Coxos and Riberia. All the low tide right handers will be firing today. Mid tide at Riberia for the intermediate guys looks like a good option, and Foz do Lizandro has some great sand bank for the beginners to practice their white water take offs.

More from me later

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