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Daily surf report!

Great , awesome , insane , sic , fun and so many waves today ……This is the start of the offseason and its started really good. Fun solid 3ft waves all day, ahhhhh so tired.

Today was perfection for us as it was clean and a decent swell to hit the coastline of Bali. Even though the swell wasnt straight it made for fun mixed up rights and a few lefts. Only 8 people out all day as we hit up our secret spot lovely day …stoked all of us but adam our english surf guide as he surfed dreamland 2ft with the beginners , well he wished he could have had our perfection but all the beginners loved it as it was quiet small and good for them.

Tomorrow we will drive up to Balian to see some of the island and have a surf or 2 up early to miss the crowds and wind , should be good.

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