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Daily surf report!

Up early to get the most of the day and the high tides , 5.30 first in the water at padang Padang for the beginners and 5.45 at Uluwatu for the Intermediates , 1mtre waves offshore till 9 and not so crowded , the last days have been slightly crowded but today it seems to be coming to an end everyone is leaving so get your tickets booked up as the waves are still fun and clean either side.

The swell seems to be up and down between 1mtre and 1,5 mtres over the next week.

The surf camp and surf school in bali will run throughout the year for the first time as we have alot of guests wanting to extend there stay and alot of bookings for xmas , so could be a fun xmas in Bali for the first time. So we hope to see you sometime soon.

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