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Daily surf report!

Surfed out , great waves the last 3 days here , sorry for no blogg ive just been so busy surfing i havent time to get online for long but to check emails quick and then eat and sleep , up most mornings at 6 to get into it before the wind or crowds do.

But anyways the surf in bali has been pretty good , the direction is changing so most days we are surfing on the Nusa Dua Side , Mushroom rock yesterday for the late and this morning the beginners love our local spot (Padang Padang ) so we headed out at 6 am again to find small but fun waves. The swell is on the rise throughout the weekend to hit around 2,2 on tuesday , looks like could be a nice clean swell and the wind seems to be down to. The beginners headed out after breakfast for second round , then back to the camp at 2 for a sleep then a late surf over at Black Stone.

Our intermediates surfed our secret spot on Nusa Dua again today for the morning session solid 2mtres waves clean and fun. After Lunch we surfed Uluwatu and the crowds seem to be up and down , yesterday rammed and today seemed alot quiter ..niceeeeee

So if your keen for some mellow waves no crowds and a little hot weather then venture on down to Rapture Surf Camp Bali , im sure you’ll have a nice time and as we have our special im sure it will be cheap aswell.

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