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Daily surf report!

Surfing in Bali today was quiet windy , but still some fun waves around. Intermediates surfed around 9 at Uluwatu as we needed more water over the reef due to low tide early this morning. The waves were quiet small 1mtre on sets , side shore winds and the crowds seem to be slowly dissapearing again. We surfed Ulu’s for 3 hrs had lunch headed off to canggu for the high tide , some fun waves and the wind didnt seem to bad there.

The beginners checked Mushroom rock small , very small , so we headed to balangan solid 1mtre offshore winds uncrowded maybe 10 people out all day GREAT , breaky , surf , lunch , surf and surf some more , sunburnt happy and tired from to many waves.

The surf in bali is dropping alot and this week looks real small , maybe greenbowls , or our little secrets, lets see what happens.

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