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Daily surf report!

Surfed at 6 again today in Balangan as the waves have dropped off to 2ft – 3ft. No wind early this morning and some long fun rides. All the beginners surfed solid for 4 to 5 hrs to get the most of the days surfing done as the tides are not so good these days.

The intermediates surfed Uluwatu early 6 and then off to Nusa dua to get some sizeable waves and no crowds. Nice

The surf in bali over the next days seems to be around the 1.6mtre mark , so small waves for the next week or so. The rain hasnt really hit bali yet with about 3 days in the last 2months of rain. Last year was the worst rainy season in bali in 50 years but this year it could be the best who knows , we’ll keep you posted.

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