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Daily surf report!

Well the last days have been quiet shit to be honest windy , windy and more windy all over the island , not much swell at all , but we still surfed and drove around most of the island to find decent uncrowded waves.

Last days we surfed Nusa dua (windy as hell but no other options ) after checking both sides of the island aswell as serangan which was half an inch with a billion people out , so we turned around and came back to the bukit and found some more windy swell.

Today was unreal compaired to what we have seen the last dayzzzzzzz , up early at 545 to surf Nyang Nyangs with not a soul out , great. Headed back for breaky and to meet up with the beginners , we then headed out to the nusa dua side to a secret spot unknown to many ..heheheheh sic waves , slight side shore but solid 3ft (1mtre) and the tides were great from 11 onwards. Yes only 1 guy out some ital but he saw 12 prople paddleing out and he split …..sic , stoked on a great long session , lunch and another session ..

Tomorrow looks promissing with less wind .

Till tomorrow stoked yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrr

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