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Daily surf report!

Well we partied and celebrated Xmas till 6 this morning at Eric’s beach house at padang padang , watched the sun go down and come up. Amazing Party full of friends and great tunes , We slept and then surfed at 11 in padang no one out till around 1 when we decided to go and surf Balangan , surfed till dark. A great xmas day full of surf instead of food , the surf was clean and offshore all day getting smaller as the day went on.

Tomorrow we’ll surf at 5:45 at Padang hoping theres still waves. The camp has is booked up till mid January so we will wish you all a Merry Xmas and happy new year to all of you who can’t be with us this year. I hope to see you in the new year. We will be giving many presents with new pools , games rooms , new bungalows , new surfboards , new boat fishing tours and surf tours and a new surf shop all discounted items. Our New sponsor Lost Surfboards and surf clothes all offered to our clients at cost rates , so cheap cheap sic surfwear.

Thanks to all our many new friends and we hope to see you all very soon.

Rapture Surf Camp Bali

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