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Daily surf report!

Dissapointment today as we pulled up thinking that the swell was going to be clean big and fun. The swell had picked up to a solid 2 mtres but so had the wind. The swell was messy and the surf was no fun at all. We drove back to the Bukit after searching around for a few spots , we eventually surfed around 9 on the nusa dua side but not so much fun a few barrels , but just not what we had in mind. The beginners surfed Padang Padang at 10 and had some fun waves.

The surf will be dropping all week so should be great for our beginners. Might have to get our fish boards out.

So get your flights booked in and come visit us at padang padang , Bingin or Uluwatu. Surf camp and surf school bali

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