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Daily surf report!

We surfed Toro Toro today as padang is closed as they are making a new film called Eat Pray and Love with Julia Roberts and Brad Pit so we had to opt for others surf spots. Toro toro was the best options as it was out to sea and received much more swell than most places , but yes recieved much more wind to. Waves about 3ft so 1mtre on sets and a little inconsistent. We surfed there for 4 hrs then headed back to the bukit for a late arvo snooze and a late lunch.

bali’s surf will be dropping for the next week so we will head over to the nusa dua side for more options as the wind is on shore some days here.

So cool down and get your tickets booked and come see what we have to offer you here at Rapture surf camp bali all welcome

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